Wood - the only raw material that grows back.
In 20 seconds, enough wood grows in Germany for an entire single-family house.


Almost nothing is impossible with wood.
Wall, ceiling, roof - whether frame, element or modular construction.


Ready in no time at all.
The construction phase is shortened enormously thanks to the high degree of prefabrication.


One cubic meter of wood as a building material reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by an average of one ton.


Dimensionally stable, pressure-resistant, diffusion-inhibiting.
Wood brings perfect physical properties.


Feel-good atmosphere.
Wood provides a healthy indoor climate.


Wood remains load-bearing even longer than steel in the event of fire.

At up to 18 meters, probably the longest OSB board in the world.

The SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB boards with a length of up to 18 m and a width of up to 2.80 m enable, for example, the jointless planking of a house wall with only one board. This results in airtightness and high energy efficiency. Construction progress is also enormously accelerated and simplified.

Material Check SWISS KRONO OSB

  • over 95 % thinned wood from sustainably managed forests
  • only 2-4 % formaldehyde-free binders
  • extremely low swelling and shrinkage
  • 100 % food safe
  • very good static key figures
  • good heat and sound insulation
  • without cost-intensive butt joint bonding
  • jointless up to 18,00 x 2,80 m
  • airtight and windproof
  • pleasant room climate and humidity regulation
  • individual architectural possibilities

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